Korean Traditional Mother of Pearl – Shell Inlay Design

HAN KOREA intends to the Quality, design, speed, higher culture and is leading to Korean traditional culture of Na-cheon-chil-gi ( Korean Lacquer ware – Shell Inlaying ), also can expand to apply Na-chun-chil-gi’s technique to real life i.e. we are leading company and are continuous developing in this part.

2006.08 Seoul LOTTE Hotel – Shell Inlay Door : LOTTE HOTEL shell inlay door in SEOUL

2007.08 Samsung Electronics

  • Deluxe Air-Conditioner – Butterfly Shell design
  • Deluxe Refrigerator – Flower Shell design
  1. 09 Winia Mando – Deluxe Refrigerator – Butterfly Shell design

2009.10 HyunDai Motors

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