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    You can easily make shell tiles.

                  Standard Shell sheet : 240 x 140 x 0.15 mm (Ex) The shell sheet below is a shell sheet made using New Zealand shells.   Design After drawing the design you want on thin paper, attach the above shell sheet with glue. – Glue is easily soluble in water. Usually, when producing for mass production in commercial terms, about 50 to 100 shell sheets are bundled and then the design paper is attached.   Cutting Cut as designed with a thin jigsaw or cutter knife.   Hot water Soak the cut shell pieces in slightly hot water for 30 minutes to 1 hour…

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    The meaning of traditional Korean paintings

    Yeongsuhwa – Paintings depicting imaginary animals that are guardian gods called Yeongsuhwa. Dragon, Haitai, Shingu, and Giraffe are auspicious ordinal numbers, meaning protection and congratulations. Magpie and tiger – Sehwa with auspicious meaning to announce the joy of the new year Tiger Painting – The tiger painting has the meaning of a byeoksa (壁邪) that expels evil spirits. Eobyeongseongryongdo – A picture that prays for success in the past by taking exams in the past just like a carp turns into a dragon Sadangdo – The common people did not have the ability to build shrines, so they built Nama shrines with a brush and enshrined the tablets of their…

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    The list of simple design meaning

    Simple Korean traditional design at a glance List of Korean Traditional design Chrysanthemum – Nobility, nobility, nobleness Butterfly Moon – Lucky image (吉祥), feminine flexibility Maehwamun (梅花紋) – virtue, fidelity, virtuousness Peony Gate (牡丹紋) – King of wealth, sincerity, and white flowers Bat sign – longevity (white-500 years, silver-1000 years), good fortune, and the meaning of abundance Phoenix Gate – Meaning of auspiciousness, four spirits, love for husband and wife, creed, ideal fortune-telling Pomegranate Gate (石榴紋) – Danam (多男), the meaning of protecting descendants (子孫守護)  life and lucky (壽福紋) – Wishing you good luck and longevity Eomun (魚紋) – Meaning of longevity, pluralism, and divine power Lotus Gate – Meaning…

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