Lotte Hotel mother-of-pearl door manufacturing process

Photo of Lotte Hotel in Seoul

1. The wooden door has been painted before mother-of-pearl decoration. (It will dry for 2-3 days.)



2. Instead of attaching the mother-of-pearl slices directly to the wooden door, attach the mother-of-pearl to the paper for a large area of mother-of-pearl decoration, and then attach the parchment paper to the wooden door.
* In the traditional way, after attaching a piece of mother-of-pearl on Korean paper, attaching the mother-of-pearl on a jewelry box or wood with glue, and then ironing it with an iron to prevent the mother-of-pearl from falling off.



3. Apply glue on the surface of the door where the surface coating is completely dry, and stick thin paper with shell pieces on the door.


4. A process in which parchment paper is tapped with a wet towel to ensure that it fully adheres to the wooden door.


5. The process of drying a wooden door with parchment paper
This is the process of drying the mother-of-pearl slices so that they adhere completely to the wooden door and do not fall off.
* After this operation, iron all the mother-of-pearl slices with an iron (or electric iron).


6. When the mother-of-pearl pieces are completely adhered, wash the parchment paper and adhesive (glue) that played a role in attachment with hot water and dry the door completely.


7. Repairing broken mother-of-pearl or missing parts before starting surface painting.


8. A photo of the first finishing process with mother-of-pearl slices on a wooden door.
Picture taken just before surface painting.


9. Polishing the surface of a completely dried mother-of-pearl door.


10. A photo of the mother-of-pearl door installed in the Chinese restaurant of Lotte Hotel.

Photo of Lotte Hotel in Seoul




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